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Our team was founded by Realtors for Realtors. We go into every home with a Realtor’s perspective and we know what it will take to make online buyers stop scrolling once they see your listing.

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2-3 Drone Photos (FREE)


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Exterior Photos

2-3 Drone Photos (FREE)


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Make Your Listing Stand Out

Mo-Co Media was started by Realtors for Realtors. When we go to your listing, you can expect professionalism and confidence in our craft.

The most important thing as an agent is to stand out, and we make sure your listings do just that. Brown patches in the grass? Kiss them goodbye with our editing. Stains in a carpet that’s being replaced? We’ll get rid of that too.

If there are things still left out by your sellers when getting prepared for photos/video, you don’t have to worry about it. We will carefully put small things away such as soaps, ugly mats, refrigerator magnets etc. If that toilet seat in the half bath is left up, we got your back on that too.

The Proccess

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Who We

We have done projects for clients of all types. Some of our most frequent customers are; hotel managers, real estate agents, builders, Airbnb owners, and businesses looking to update their google business page. Among these we have helped several airbnb owners stand out from their competition as well as the occasional for sale by owner.


Every video is shot in 4k and we use drones, stabilizers, gliders, audio equipment, and editing practices unique to Mo-Co Media to help you as an agent stand out.


From editing out brown patches on the grass, to putting a blue sky in on a cloudy day, to making a light look turned on that has no bulb, we have done it all for our Realtor clients.

360 Tours

We use a 3D camera that is the only(in bold) 3D camera directly integrated with Zillow 3D Tours. As opposed to the overrated matterport, we are able to upload your tour to Zillow so that every day consumers will be able to walk through the home. Say goodbye to the slow matter port site!

Arial Shots

Quality is our number one focus, and we use high end drones to shoot your listings with. You better believe if there is a lake or a golf course near by, we’re going to make sure it’s seen. When you are listing land, we go onto the GIS maps and outline the lot for you in photoshop.


You can look at a video online and immediately tell it’s from MoCo Media. Our editing really does set us apart from our competitors. We create engaging videos with high energy and fun music to help buyers get a feel for the listing while staying entertained. For the agents that aren’t afraid to get on camera, we make sure their videos look like something right off of HGTV.


For our clients that are comfortable being on video, we help you through the entire process. It is a judgement free zone and a blast to do. We know exactly what sounds good and what doesn’t. If you haven’t thought about being on camera yet, strongly consider it. It’s 2021… so stand out!


For our clients that have invested a lot of time and money into their personal name and brand, it is important to keep up with this. When we shoot your homes, we will make sure we comply with all your guidelines I.e. (color palette, fonts, logos, etc). When someone sees your video come across their screen, they should immediately know it’s you!

Video Projects

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Photo Gallery

Here is a gallery showcasing some of our work from past clients.

Video Projects

Take a peek inside our Creative Thinking​

The quality of our photography and videography is sure to make your property stand out amongst the rest. According to the National Association of Realtors, Real Estate listings photographed by unprofessional photographers spent an average of 70 days on the market vs. 32 days when done professionally. If you’re ready to get consumers to stop scrolling past your listing, Book us now.

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We serve over six different counties in North Carolina but have the ability to service customers outside our circle. So far we have gone as far as; Florida, Georgia, Arizona and California. No matter where you may be, we’re here to help.

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The majority of our team holds an Active Real Estate license making it easy for our clients to trust we will take care of them in a professional manor with experienced insight in real estate sales and marketing.

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